Vehem (Vee·hem)

We are a female owned and run sustainable small business. We started this company because we didn't feel our values were well represented in the business world, and that needed to change.  We decided to start with a boutique that would sell only eco-friendly and ethical fashion and self care and that's where you are now.  We make sure our core values of sustainability, equality, and integrity guide all of our practices, and we hope you will hold us to that as well. 


  • Nearly everything we carry is vegan, palm oil free, and generally low impact.
  • We pack every package plastic free. Even our shipping label’s peel away backings are composted, and we don't use any plastic tape.
  • We offset the carbon emissions from shipping for every purchase.
  • We are testing a local delivery option that uses much fewer resources, and continue to look for other low impact alternatives to conventional shipping methods.
  • We use a greener web host who feeds solar energy equivalent to 300% of the energy it uses back into the grid.
  • For cleaning around the office and warehouse, we use mainly vinegar and rags. Any time we need a specialty product for rougher jobs, we make sure its most sustainable option we can find.


  • All of our brands are fairly traded, and they monitor their workshops on varying levels to ensure no artisans are being mistreated.
  • We work with several brands who's sole mission is to empower impoverished and marginalized people in one way or another. You can learn more about each brands purpose on their respective brand pages.


  • We aim to be certified with organizations that hold us to our commitments, so that you know we follow through.
  • We are proud to work with brands whose artisans sign the products they create, as a symbol of true transparency, so you truly know who made your clothes. 
  • More information on integrity and transparency will be added, as it becomes available. We are still too new to offer much in the way of reporting.