We can curently only ship within the USA and Canada, but hope to expand further soon. 

We ship all of our packages plastic free, aside from any plastic packaging(usually clear plastic sleeves meant to protect the product) items were sent to us in. We understand this waste should not be solely your responsibility. If you would like all plastic removed before shipping, just let us know and we will make a note on your account. We also do not include a paper copy of your invoice, since it is available to you online, but if you really need a paper copy sent as well, just inform us and we'll make sure to include it.

Standard flat rate shipping within the USA is $8 and generally takes 4 to 8 business days. Shipping to Canada is $25 dollars and is estimated to take up to 10 days, but since it's crossing the border, timing is much harder to predict. Free shipping to both the US and Canada starts at $150 and will take approximately the same amount of time. We offset emissions amassed from shipping on a quarterly basis and are always looking for lower impact shipping options. 

We are currently testing a local delivery option where one of our employees will deliver your package via bike, public transit, or their own two feet. This option is $2.5 or free after the $150 threshold, and may take up to 4 business days as we are not currently able to send out delivery people every day. Local delivery is currently only offered within the 12901 and 12903 zip codes. If this is where you are located, please contact us at to make your account eligible for this shipping option.